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About Us

Our aim is to provide the finest service in the area based on the highest standards of ethics, values, and client care. Our success will always be measured by the happiness and loyalty of our clients, whose interest we always place ahead of our own.
Our company is built on the strength and quality of our people. We foster solid teamwork within a dynamic, trusting work environment – creating a positive culture that is part of the fabric of Jigsaw Property Services.
We have the experience and track record to adapt and succeed in any market conditions. The company’s commitment to staff development has created a highly skilled and professional sales team. The success of Jigsaw Property Services is directly linked to their dedication to continual improvements to their client focus. We are unashamedly seller focused and the salespeople provide a style of service that mixes professionalism with a high degree of care, which has resulted in a large portion on their business originating from referrals and repeat business.

Property Management

Our service standards are based on communication, information, education and follow-up. We have identified that owners have 5 major areas of concern.

  • Maintenance
  • Vacant periods
  • Communication and updates on timelines and instructions
  • Property Manager is always contactable
  • Property Manager or assistant returns calls & emails within 2 business hours

We have developed a process that works hard to overcome these concerns by giving owners time to comfortably react to market conditions. We start our re-letting process 12 weeks prior to the lease end date and the letting process 6 weeks prior to the vacating date. This allows time for us to give the owner information that will allow them to become conversant with the current market conditions and the price the property needs to be positioned to avoid a vacancy.
We also acknowledge that owners are often at a distance from their properties and may have long periods of not being able to see their properties. With this in mind, we have a routine inspection report that offers a pictorial summary of their property from the front gardens, through every room of their home to the back yard. This report outlines any noted maintenance required and highlights areas of future upgrades. This report is done every 17 weeks and emailed directly to the owner. It is then followed up with a phone call from their Property Manager.
We use emails, sms and phone calls as our primary way of staying in contact. We find that both owners and managers find this mix of communication both convenient and precise.